Why Use A Piano Mover?

moving a piano onto the truck

Pianos are heavy. The average spinet weighs about three hundred to five Professional piano movers hundred pounds. Grand Pianos and Baby Grands vary from four hundred to a thousand pounds.

The use of a few strong men can move a piano. Balancing it and not damaging it, that’s where A Better Tripp Moving & Storage comes in. Damaging a piano can be costly. Let a professional moving company like A Better Tripp relocate your piano. The best way to find piano movers is by word of mouth referral.

What is tuning? When is it required?

Tuning is the adjustment made to the strings to bring each string to itís proper tension. Pianos need to be tuned when there is a change in atmosphere, so tuning with the change of the seasons is advised, about 6 weeks after. New pianos should be tuned 3- 4 times the first year. Whenever a piano is moved, whether in the house, across town or across the United States, make that appointment with your tuner. Pianos should be regulated every 5 years.

How do I care for my piano?

Your piano is not just a piece of furniture. It is more than likely an investment. It is not just an investment for monetary reasons, it is now an heirloom piece, affecting your family's emotions. Play your piano as much as possible. Be sure to maintain room temperature between 72 degrees and 75 degrees. Keep humidity between 40- 50 %. Keep the piano away from extremely dry areas. Always use a soft cloth when cleaning the cabinet of your piano. Increasing the shine can best be achieved by using liquid wax. Clean the keys with a soft damp cloth. Keep the inside of your piano clean. Have a technician do this when it is being tuned. If ever something is dropped inside the piano, STOP, call a technician. You can seriously damage your piano and it could become more costly if more damage were to occur.